Changing adjectives to adverbs by adding -ly


Our final set of spellings before our well deserved Christmas break are all about changing adjectives into adverbs by adding -ly.  Our list of words is:

feebly,     smoothly,     basically,     certainly,     lazily,     incredibly,     easily,     cheerily,     separately,     simply,     proudly,     frantically,     beautifully,     angrily,     tragically,     energetically,     gently,     dramatically,     happily,     responsibly

Some adjectives are easy to convert as they just add -ly.  For example smooth becomes smoothly.  Others however need a little more thought.  Here are a few things you need to think about when changing adjectives to adverbs:

If the adjective ends in a y then change the y to an i then add -ly e.g. lazy-lazily

If the adjective ends in -le then change it to ly when converting it into an adverb e.g gentle-gently

If the adjective ends in -ic then -ally is added not just -ly e.g. basic-basically.


Here are a few useful links you might want to explore:

Good luck learning these new words!

Don’t forget to show off some of the ways you are learning these words at home by bringing in your work for our spelling wall.



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