SC as S sound

latinOur new spelling focus for the next 2 weeks is words containing the letters sc which make the ‘s’s sound.  Remember to choose the words you think you can learn and bring any work you do related to your spellings in for our spelling wall.  It would be great to see some more creative ideas on how you can learn these words.

scent          science          scene          discipline

fascinate          crescent          scientist          scenery

descend          scissors          ascend          scented

ascent          descent          scythe          muscle

obscene          abscess          adolescent          disciple

All of these words originate from Latin.  In the Roman times they would have been pronounced differently to how we do today as the c would have been heard.  Have a go at pronouncing these the Roman way at home.

The ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ game on is a good game to help you. You can get an adult to write the words from your spelling in for you and then get practising them yourself. Have fun!

There are also some great games which focus on ‘sc’ words which are a lot of fun on


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