There, They’re or Their Homophone

Homophones are words which sound the same but have different meanings.

Over the next 2 weeks I would like you to practise choosing the correct there, they’re and their to use in sentences.  Here is a guide to help you.

There is used when making a statement:

There are eleven players on a football team.

Or when writing about place:

Put the shopping down there.


Their means ‘belonging to them’:

I went round to their house for tea.

They always take their dog with them on holiday.


They’re is used instead of ‘they are’:

They’re going to the market on Saturday.

I think they’re lovely cats.

This game is a great starting point but there are many others online if you do a search.


In our Friday test in 2 weeks time each sentence below will be read out and you have to choose the correct spelling.  Don’t forget to bring in any work you do at home to help you learn these so that we can fill our spelling wall.

_____ going to be in trouble.

The children have finished _____ homework.

_____ going to learn about Ancient Egypt next year.

Can you read the names on _____ shirts?

I wonder if going _____ to do well on the final exam.

If you need to go back to school, I can take you _____.

_____ is some fruit in the kitchen.

_____ are many reasons why I don’t eat meat.

_____ are a lot of cars in the parking lot on weekends.

Have you tried _____ cooking? It’s really good.

My ears hurt, _____ going to pop.

If I can see you over _____ then you need a new hiding place.

It is ______ fault we can’t go.

Where are my socks? I know ______ here somewhere.

Go back _____ now!

_____ you go, it’s all done.

The Martins took _____ holiday in Mexico.

Chloe and Chloe are studying for _____ history test.

_____ going out to the shops.

Do you know what colour ______ eyes are?


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